How we work

The beauty of the kitchen is that it works

Initial consultation

During your first meeting with us, at our showroom and workshops in Leeds, we discuss your requirements, take dimensions and look at the initial layout and design options. This is usually a very creative session. Unlike many kitchen makers, every piece of our furniture is truly bespoke. We have no set designs, sizes or other restrictive production techniques. We work to understand your requirements and to inspire you with examples from our diverse portfolio of classic and contemporary designs.

Design development

Once we’re sure we’ve fully captured your requirements, we start work on the design. This process usually throws up additional questions and will result in a few iterations. Once this first draft is finished, another meeting will be arranged where we take you through the design of your kitchen and discuss any other options that may help to enhance the space. We then draw up a final design specification and advise you of the costs.

The design development process typically takes one to two weeks.

Preparation and build

Once you have approved the drawings and cost estimate and commission us to make your kitchen we will then schedule your project.

After receipt of your deposit, computer-generated drawings (CAD) will be issued to all relevant contractors. We will also visit the site to verify all measurements and to liaise with any contractors, architects and interior designers to ensure all work is being carried out to plan.

Once preparations are complete we will begin the build. The construction of your hand-crafted bespoke kitchen typically takes eight to ten weeks.


Once made, your kitchen will be installed by a team of experienced craftsmen.

The installation process typically takes two to four weeks from start to finish:

First, the site is inspected to ensure it is fully prepared to receive the furniture, and we oversee delivery.

The carcasses are installed and then templates are made for the worktops and taken for fabrication.

While the worktops are being produced, we proceed with the installation of the cabinets, ironmongery and accessories – this typically takes two weeks.

After the worktops are delivered and fitted, we return to complete the fitting and make any final adjustments.

Our fitters are on hand throughout the process to help electricians, plumbers and other contractors when the wiring and plumbing of appliances are being connected.

Once complete, we conduct a final inspection of the kitchen in conjunction with the client, to ensure complete satisfaction

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