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The beauty of the kitchen is that it works

Why Choose us?

At Mother Hubbards we understand the power of superior quality coupled with innovation and creativity, and so we make it our priority to maintain a position on the cutting edge of bespoke kitchen design. To achieve this, we go the extra mile in terms of time and energy to craft kitchens that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our ‘people first’ philosophy places our client’s individual requirements above everything else in our hand-crafted kitchens process. The stress of everyday life, from working to taking care of your family, can take its toll so we’re here to make part of your life easier. That’s why we add the personal touch by speaking directly with you to imagine your everyday life in order to come up with the perfect kitchen for you, and with brilliant ideas to complement it.

Mother Hubbard's

Excellent design consists of not only creating an aesthetically-pleasing environment but also creating something highly-functional. 

We make kitchen design decisions that generate intuituive use, provide practical solutions and ensure your bespoke kitchen has everything you need, exactly where you need it. 

Our bedroom design service follows exactly the same philosophy, also creating a soothing and relaxing environment to ensure you get a great nights sleep in a room that is comfortable, calming and stress-free.

Our bespoke kitchen design process utilises CAD software and our in-house manufacturing techniques adapt both traditional and modern methods . 

Our high standards of build quality are evident in everything we do and our showroom allows you to see and feel this quality for yourself, while we can also talk you through our manufacturing process  and how much care and attention we put into your bespoke kitchen.

Our customer focused approach provides unique bespoke furniture, and we achieve this through applying an attention-to-detail to all aspects of the manufacturing and installation processes.  

We can describe to you how this works and involve you in all parts of the journey from initial sketches to the finished product. This is done in a practical timescale to suit you and by qualified tradesmen who keep us ahead of the field. 

Our bespoke furniture is made from the best materials available to ensure a durable, attractive and high quality product. Our Clinical attention and focus on detail ensure the whole process from design to manufacturing and installation leaves no element to chance. We measure everything in your home and know everything about our materials to ensure you are left with a room that fits perfectly and looks and feels exactly how you imagined it. 

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