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Bedrooms should offer you peace and tranquillity and that is the feeling we aim for with our bespoke bedroom furniture. We want you to feel it as soon as you step into the bedroom and have that sensation deepen as you spend more time in its warm embrace. Our handcrafted bedroom furniture promises to do exactly that, with every piece being designed specifically for your comfort and aesthetic wishes.

The quality of service we provide extends beyond the originality of our bespoke bedroom furniture to every aspect of the manufacturing and installation process. From conscientious planning to completion in a timely manner by our experienced tradesmen; our skill, experience and customer focus is unparalleled amongst our competitors.

Your perfect retreat

We retreat to our bedrooms every night and whatever the weather and whatever kind of day we have had, we always seek the comfort of our cosy spots. 

Mother Hubbards would like to make the bedroom your spot of choice with handcrafted bedroom furniture that invites you in and makes it hard to leave.

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Only the best materials

Maximising the usability of a bedroom is something everyone wishes they could do, but it can be hard to know where to start. We seek out every bit of space and utilise it; from discrete storage spaces that integrate seamlessly into your room to beds that fit the most awkward angles and dimensions.

Thanks to our bespoke bedroom furniture designs, a measure of quality is provided that you don’t get with off-the-shelf furniture. We source the best materials available for your bespoke bedroom furniture, including timber and fabric, to achieve a high-quality product. Everything is taken care of meticulously through all stages of design, manufacture and installation. This includes measuring everything to the finest detail to fit your bedroom like a glove. For the very best bespoke bedrooms in Leeds get in touch.

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