You may think that once you have found a first-class kitchen design team there is nothing more for you to do but if you want to take full advantage of the knowledge and expertise for which you are paying, there are a few factors you should discuss with the team before they get started.


Below, we outline those we feel are most important: the factors that will have the biggest impact as far as the style and functionality of your new kitchen are concerned.


Designing Modern Kitchens: Points to Consider

Although you won't be doing the actual design work yourself, you will want to have plenty of input. Only by expressing your preferences clearly, regarding the following points, can you hope to end up with the kitchen of your dreams.


  • Aesthetics – You should think carefully about what you want the final design to look like: what styles appeal to you and will also complement the existing décor in your home? It doesn't matter whether you know the fitted kitchens industry terms for what you want; you simply need to be able to communicate your ideas clearly. You may also wish to consider current trends in kitchen design if being in step with the latest fashions is important to you.
  • Practical Considerations – These should really go hand-in-hand with aesthetics when you are thinking about what components the best bespoke kitchens should include. For example: you may think that an old-fashioned cast iron range would look great in your home but would you ever actually use it? If not, it's a lot of money to spend on something that just looks good, and it will take up a lot of space too.
  • Materials – While many designers may tell you that solid wood is the only way to go as far as your cabinet doors are concerned, this is not strictly true. Custom vinyl-wrapped MDF and melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) can both look very good in handmade kitchens when manufactured to exacting standards and they are considerably cheaper too. If solid wood is what you really want, that's fine of course, but it is definitely worth considering the alternatives too.
  • Special Features – If there is something that you have always wanted in your kitchen, such as a breakfast bar or an island that gives you the space you need to prepare extravagant meals for special occasions, you should of course mention these features at the earliest possible opportunity so they can be incorporated into the overall design.


If you are not sure what type of design you want or what features you really need, it is worth visiting a few kitchen showrooms in the area, for inspiration. If you find yourself near Stanningley, you are of course more than welcome to pop in and see what we have to offer. In addition to showing you some of our designs and handmade cabinets, we will be delighted to help you choose the perfect appliances to go in your beautiful new kitchen.