Handmade Kitchens Wetherby

Handmade Kitchens in Wetherby: Why No Other Company Comes Close

Handmade kitchens are the ultimate expression of practical luxury. A kitchen adorned with beautiful handmade custom cabinets, shelving and trim, top quality appliances sourced from leading edge European manufacturers and a handmade table set anchoring the design creates a domestic oasis like no other. One you’ll find it difficult to pull yourself away from and one that will be the envy of friends and Wetherby neighbours alike.

The Fine Art of Handmade Kitchens in Wetherby

A sumptuous handmade kitchen is the achievement of many people; from the client who comes to us with their nebulous idea, to our designers who work with them to hammer out a  unique concept, to the craftsmen who take that concept and bring it to breathtaking life. When you entrust the creation of your handmade kitchen to Mother Hubbards you join a long list of satisfied customers who’ve discovered our…

  • Customer-Centric Process - At the heart of every home is the kitchen and at the heart of everything we do are our customers. Discerning, engaged, optimistic and a joy to work with they allow us to do this work that we love so much and we never stop appreciating them for that. We listen to what they tell us, encourage their input at every stage of the process and seek nothing less than their total satisfaction.
  • Design Acumen - Our designers are among the best in the UK. They eat, sleep and breathe interior design and can diagnose what is and isn’t working about a space in a matter of minutes. While they’re all familiar with the newest in computer aided design software they prefer to start with paper and pencil and proceed from there. When you see the results they achieve you’ll wonder why anyone would work any other way.
  • Attention to Detail - Nothing about the handmade kitchen we create for you will be ordinary because we overlook nothing. From the precision of the dovetail joints in the cabinetry to the way different worktop materials appear under different lighting conditions to the quality of the tiles used for the backsplash, every facet of the design is thoroughly considered before it makes the final cut.
  • Installation Expertise - No team of kitchen installation professionals in the Wetherby area are more qualified than the pros from Mother Hubbards. After years of handmade kitchen installations they’re familiar with every nuance of the job and have earned the easy professionalism that comes with time.
  • Unparalleled Service - Experience has taught us that customer service begins with the first phone call and is an integral part of every interaction thereafter right up to and including the final cleanup. Each of our team members are taught that if they take care of the job at hand there’s little need for an emergency hotline.

The handmade kitchen we create for you will be carefully tailored to your wishes and tastes, beautifully crafted by our veteran craftsmen and perfectly installed by the firm, steady hands of our dedicated fitters. We’re not your average kitchen remodeling company. We’re kitchen stylists, kitchen aficionados and kitchen lovers. We’re Mother Hubbards handmade kitchens in Wetherby. Contact us to find out more.

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