The Premier Company for Fitted Kitchens in Harrogate

Even the smallest kitchen tucked into the most remote part of a home needs to function properly and be an appealing place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or the company of friends. When a kitchen doesn’t live up to either its practical or social responsibilities it’s time to consider a fitted kitchen from Mother Hubbards Cupboards. We’re the fitted kitchen experts in Harrogate and the most trusted kitchen design source in the region.

Bespoke Fitted Kitchens in Harrogate

Fitted kitchens are all about practicality. Their primary function is to create order amidst your kitchen chaos. When you enlist the help of Mother Hubbards to create your fitted kitchen though, you’ll not only get a kitchen that makes food preparation a snap, you’ll also get a space that is easy on the eye and a joy to entertain in. Our many years of kitchen design experience mean your new fitted kitchen will include:

  • State of the Art Ergonomic Design – At the heart of a good fitted kitchen is good ergonomic design. A  kitchen lacking an efficient ‘work triangle’ is one that will make you expend more effort than you need to. Good ergonomic design places the sink, the stove and the refrigerator in such a way that accessing one from either of the others is easy and intuitive.
  • The Highest Quality Custom Made Cabinets – We’ve been creating custom kitchen cabinets for our clients since 1998. We start with a hand drawn concept based on the particulars of your kitchen and gradually refine the design until we’ve achieved the right look. After that our woodworkers take over and bring the design to life using the highest quality materials.
  • Fully Integrated Appliances – Finding exactly the right appliances for your new fitted kitchen can seem quite the challenge but it doesn’t have to be with Mother Hubbards on the job. We factor the appliances into the design from the earliest stages of the process so there’s no costly retrofitting and selection is a snap.
  • Generous Worktops and Countertops – What is a kitchen without adequate workspace? Not much. Your fitted kitchen from Mother Hubbards will contain generous, smartly placed worktops and countertops that will make food preparation and entertaining in your new kitchen a breeze.
  • An Affordable Price Tag – Bespoke cabinets and other furnishing are not cheap. But neither are they as expensive as you might think. Many things affect the final price tag of a fitted kitchen but with Mother Hubbards experienced design professionals on the job you’ll always get the most reasonable, affordable price possible.

The kitchen renovation and remodeling landscape is a crowded one. Knowing which kitchen design and installation company will actually deliver on their impressive sales pitch is something akin to tossing the dice: unless you call Mother Hubbards. We’ll be happy to share our portfolio with you and to provide you with a wealth of references so that you can discover for yourself the difference skill and commitment make when it comes to the design and installation of fitted kitchens in Harrogate.

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Lyndon's knotty oak timber says country living in an instant.


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The neutral but warm ivory finish works well alongside a range of shades.


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The classic, distressed finish is the perfect shabby chic.


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Milton brings a classic in-frame style up-to-date, so it is really easy to adapt.


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A very pure look this is a natural oak veneer with an unfussy slab design.


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Clean lines and a choice of colours, introducing a streamlined look to any kitchen.


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The warm neutral tone of beige allows you to add darker contrasting tones


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Tomba is a handleless kitchen that is sleek and strong on perspective.