Why Homeowners are Embracing Our Contemporary Kitchens in Leeds

When it comes to kitchen design the word “contemporary” covers a lot of ground. You’ll hear some people use the word to describe anything minimalist in nature, while others use the word interchangeably with the word “modern”, and still others use the term to describe a kitchen where everything is new. So who’s right? Actually, they all are because “contemporary” refers to anything created in the now that reflects trends in current thinking.

The Best Contemporary Kitchens in Leeds

Mother Hubbards contemporary kitchens stand out from the rest by way of their completely original design and handcrafted excellence. While they still reflect the latest in kitchen design philosophy they do so in their own unique way. Some notable features of our contemporary kitchen designs include:

  • Full Slab Cabinet Fronts – Elegant contemporary decor often calls for uninterrupted planes and our handmade cabinetry embraces this design ethos to provide you uncluttered space that never feels unconsidered. Good contemporary design is never thoughtless and the logic behind our full slab facades will become readily apparent in the context of the larger design.
  • Fully Integrated Sinks – Contemporary often means “unadorned” and that concept can extend right down to the lip of the kitchen sink. Many of our contemporary kitchen designs forego the lip and integrate the sink directly into the uninterrupted surface of the worktop. Homeowners who were never fans of the dirt and grime that gets caught in the lip of the sink appreciate this lipless design.
  • Large Central Islands – One of today’s most popular trends involves creating a large central island with copious seating in lieu of the traditional table set. This trend ties in with another that emphasizes the relaxed, social nature of the kitchen as being equally important to its role in the preparation of food. This doesn’t mean the end of the kitchen table, but perhaps a reduction in size and a shifting of position away from the centre of the space.
  • Simple Colour Palette – The contemporary kitchen with its simpler, geometric motifs typically calls for a less fussy colour palette. While it’s hardly new, the black and white kitchen has made a significant comeback in recent years. Matching lacquered white cabinetry with a black granite countertop creates a timeless look that’s clean and practical with traditional overtones while still being completely of its time.
  • Mixed Countertops – The countertop has traditionally been the domain of a single material like marble or hardwood. Our designers turn that single material idea on its head by combining two materials into a single surface. The different materials work off each other to create movement, draw the eye to focal points or delineate purpose.

The designers from Mother Hubbards put a fresh spin on contemporary kitchens in Leeds by combining the best in modern design trends with the unparalleled quality of their handmade cabinetry and furnishings. If you’re interested in turning your Leeds kitchen into a contemporary showcase give us a ring and talk to one of our contemporary kitchen experts.

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Lyndon's knotty oak timber says country living in an instant.


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The classic, distressed finish is the perfect shabby chic.


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Milton brings a classic in-frame style up-to-date, so it is really easy to adapt.


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A very pure look this is a natural oak veneer with an unfussy slab design.


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The warm neutral tone of beige allows you to add darker contrasting tones


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This light, modern woodgrain look works well as a whole kitchen.


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