With more emphasis on interior design around the home, the desire for a more functional & stylish bedroom has become an integral part of the statement of who you are. With such a diversity of personal tastes it is essential that the choice of styles & finishes available mirrors that diversity – thus enabling you to choose the bedroom that truly reflects your personality.

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Whether it is a place to hang your clothes or to enjoy at the end of the day you will need to look no further than Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards Ltd to find your dream bedroom.

Functionality is combined with aesthetic appeal to make it a place you enjoy for what it does for you as well as for how beautiful it looks.


All our furniture is fully bespoke to accommodate the most awkward angles & dimensions a room can present. We take meticulous care at the various stages (survey, design, manufacturing & installation) to size all the robes, etc.  to make sure that they fit hand-in-glove in the room.


You can choose factory painted lay-on MDF doors & accessories in the various styles, contemporary or traditional, in any colour. Likewise you can choose in-framed doors (inset in traditional face-frames with butt hinges) & accessories utilizing Tulipwood for the  frames & MDF for the centre panels, hand-painted after installation in any colour.


Woodhouse_Cream_White_Avola_LRA more affordable solution to your bedroom requirements can be fulfilled by choosing Vinyl Wrapped MDF doors & accessories which come in many woodgrain colours such as Oak, Ontario_Walnut_Dakar_Bronze_Mirror_LRMaple, Walnut, Beech, etc. as well as various colours to mimic a painted finish such as Ivory, Mussel, Dakar, White, etc.


If your bedroom is a too confined to allow the side-hung doors on standard robes to open out then the never-fail solution to that is to  choose from our Astin Prestige sliding door range. The benefits of sliding door storage systems over standard hinged doors are well known & have been utilized in Europe for many years. Their space-saving characteristics, the ease of access they afford & their sleek contemporary styling makes them a highly practical solution for the homes of today. The possibilities are endless, with vertical as well as horizontal panel configurations in over 60 different panel finish options.


Whether it’s the classic traditional style you’re looking for, or the ultra-contemporary minimalist look, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards Ltd offers something to suit all tastes.